Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OH SNAP!!!!! You came back!

The most insane thing just happened! Wait for it, wait for it...I got back my old blog account. omgwhadafakbbq. After numerous attempts to contact blog.com to obtain a new password, I finally gave up hope and built a new "home" in Blogger. I said my farewells and bid a teary goodbye to Nawooz. It was tough, but there was no other option.

Out of a sudden, I get it all back! First I was elated, now I'm plagued with the question. "Which one to keep as my primary blog?". Sure I can update both, but I prefer having one as my main. On one hand, I have informed my friends about my new blog. However, nawooz.blog.com will always hold a special place in my heart. It was where everything began. Nostalgic...

So here I am sitting and pondering, which shall I choose. It's gonna be a toughie. Think I'll update nawooz now for fun.

P.S. I wanted to blog about horny longans today, but I guess they will just have to wait. HORNY LONGANSSSSSSS


Mic said...

Thanks for adding me in ur blogrolls...and really appreciate ur comments in my blog! Hope u can check it out more in coming future!

Btw can I know u better? as in blogger I mean...if u dun mind introducing urself....

Nawooz said...

Hey Mic...Blogger and I are like in a cooling period in our relationship.

We've both decided to take sometime away from one another.

Actually, I'm just two-timing :D I've gone back to blog.com. My first love.

I've somewhat answered your question there.

Anonymous said...

my name is Moira from South Africa and I watched Limpet last night and tried to find out more this morning on the internet. Did you get his picture or any response on how he died. Please email me at fbrown@kingsley.co.za