Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Long or Short, Curly or Straight question

I think I maybe reviving an old topic from my old blog. However, I decided to blog about it here as the question has never been answered and it has never stopped either. Women.Like.Their.Hair.

To top it all off, they seem to have this fixation on long hair. Long hair, a beauty does not maketh you. Maybe it's the mags or movies, portraying sexy women with long hair...subconsciously programming our minds to believe that long, is better.

Frankly speaking, I like girls with spunky short hair. One that has a certain bounce to it when walking. To me, it's so smexy and I lurrveee the feel of running my fingers through hair!!! One of my fetishes I suppose. Pity my wife doesn't share my enthusiasm on the subject.

Of course there are certain exceptions to this. Some girls look better with long hair due to the shape of their face. However, a good hair stylist can fix this by adding a little zing to the short do, by shaping it. Like a rounded cut for a sharp face (ending with a sharp chin).

Another thing I've noticed. If you have long hair, but lack volume...go with some curls. It really makes a lot of difference and brightens up your look. Long, thin and limp hair makes you look dull and sickly. Unless, you happen to be in a Pantene commercial. ^__^ Which brings me to the question, what is your favourite shampoo and why? My wife seems to be hooked on Clear for it's delicious scent. I notice some girls love to flick their hair and smell it for kicks. (o.0)

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